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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Show Winners

Calvin won Best Custom Bus pre '68 and Best Of Show. Celie got Best Convertible Bug. I received an email from a guy in Germany that has a registery of Kabrioletts. I have registered Celie.

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Lakeland VW Classic

We decided to check out the new Lakeland VW Classic show. They did a great job. The organizers must have some experience because it was all very professional, yet the atmosphere was relaxed. We cruised up with Gerry, Jet and Bill, and Ted and Amber. Vicky and Liam drove Celie with the hood up and the heated on. Alex and I froze in Calvin. We had lots of layers on, but I should have taken gloves. At the end of the day though I ended up with sunburn. Duh!

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