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Sunday, October 23, 2005

My Ghia

Here's a picture of the Ghia. It's just had an 1835cc engine put in and has a nice green/gray tweed interior, also a new Flat 4 GT steering wheel. I got it out in Santa Clara, CA. The bus came from San Jose just a few miles down the road. It's best to drive the Ghia with the top down as it's less noisy from the stinger and visibility is better. However, in the summer in Florida the sun beats down pretty hot.


My VWs

Here are some photos of my '66 microbus. It was a standard model with deluxe trim added. As you can see it has been seriously slammed. I may have to airbag it as it is difficult to pull off the road into parking lots, driveways, gas stations etc. I have to put boards across my driveway to get it across the rain gutter. I will post other photos of the interior and engine. It is all really beautiful and turns heads wherever I go. I also have '63 convertible Ghia and '73 Super Beetle. All three are California vehicles that are now in Florida. This is my first blog so I'll see how this goes.