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Monday, February 27, 2006

New Volkswagen - VW

Elvis has arrived safe and sound. I was just looking up the Long Beach Police number as 4 weeks to deliver was too long. He is here now and all is well.


Saturday, February 18, 2006

New Baby

I'm still waiting for my new baby to arrive. Elvis is a double cab from Hawaii. He was owned by Roy Dunlap who has had some beautiful cars. Elvis is on a trailer someone in Louisiana. They have broken down and I wish they'd pull their finger out.


Show Winners

At Florida Bug Jam in November Calvin the bus and Callie the Ghia both won prizes. Calvin got best interior and best custom Pre '67 bus and Callie got 2nd in custom Ghia. We had a great day but the judging was a mess with them starting late and nearly everyone left before they posted the results.

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Kermit The Bug

Here's a picture of my Super beetle "Kermit The Bug". I found him for sale this locally, but its another California car. It looked pretty rough with the window rubbers all cracked and dried up and the fenders had a few dings. It was originally blue, now he's the New Beetle Cyber Green. Underneath it is rock solid, which is why I bought it. I lowered the front 2 inches so the stance is a lot better but the ride is still good. It has been given the Cal Look treatment with dechroming, one piece windows etc. I still have to finish the interior and wiring. No rush as I have plenty of other rides. I am moving so will sort him out at the new house.