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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Link to my favourite website: http://www.thesamba.com

Gamble Mansion Show

The Original Manatee Classic Cruisers wanted us for a photo shoot to put the picture on a dashplaque for the show. We couldn't go to the show itself as it was the same day as Bulli Brigade.


Boy Racer

Liam getting ready to hit the streets.


Camping in Myakka

The boys and I went camping in Myakka, before Halloween. We had a lot of fun, but got caught in a really bad night of thunderstorms. By more luck than judgement I set the tent up a couple of feet away from what turned into a storm runoff stream. Some other campers got washed out.


People's Choice

Calvin got best custom bus pre '68 and People's Choice at this years Florida Bug Jam. Callie got second again in custom convertibles ghia. Hey check out Helen's cool shades. I bought them for me, but she half hinched them. We had a great weekend and of course met a lot of nice people. The best story was a guy from Miami who had had his 23 window Samba stolen 20 years ago got a call that it had been found in California and if he wanted it back he would have to pay the tranport fee. He would have paid to bring back a junked 23 window, but when they sent him pictures it had been fully restored. Wow!


This is a photo of when it arrived in Silver End on the car transporter from Southhampton.

Coming Home

I hope to be rebuying a '58 convertible I owned back in the early '90s. My brother found the car in upstate New York where he was living. He saw it sitting at the side of the road and bought it really cheap. He then sent me photos. Needless to say I jumped at buying it. I think I gave him $1,000. The photos here are what it looked like back in the late 80's. I then shipped it over to England, but when I emigrated in Jan. 1995 I sold it to my brother-in-law. It then sat until 1998 when David Levy bought it and a full resto was done. In 2000 and 2001 it won best Cabriolet in the UK. David then used it as a wedding car. I am arranging to buy it back from David and bring the car back from Essex to Florida. He has kept great care of it. We are stoked! More photos will follow of its present condition. Also as expectant parents we are still choosing a name for her.